Until November 2011, Eksportfinans specialized in providing financing to the Norwegian export industry. In the years preceding November 18, 2011, the majority of loans were granted to projects within the oil & gas and maritime sectors. Most of Eksportfinans' borrowers are based within the OECD area. Norwegian borrowers represent a major part of the lending volume.

Substantially all loans given by Eksportfinans are secured by guarantees from either GIEK (The Norwegian Guarantee Institute for Export Credits) and / or highly rated banks and/or similar security arrangements. The majority of guarantees are granted by the Norwegian government/public sector and Norwegian banks.

Eksportfinans provided officially supported loans to the Norwegian export sector from 1978 to 2011 by virtue of a special arrangement with the Norwegian Government. A new state-owned entity, Export Credit Norway was set up for this purpose on July 1, 2012. Consequently, Eksportfinans is not granting new loans, but continues to manage its existing portfolio of loans and in this process provides a range of services to borrowers as part of the loan administration process.

Eksportfinans' loan portfolio consists of different categories of loans.  Please refer to the latest annual and quarterly report for further information about the size and composition of the loan portfolio.