The Transparency Act

28/06/2023 - Press release

The Transparency Act is a relatively new law with the aim of promoting respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and services. The law shall ensure public access to information about how companies relate to these topics.

Eksportfinans is covered by the act, which applies to larger enterprises domiciled in Norway that offer goods and services domestically or outside Norway. 

The activity of Eksportfinans is to manage a portfolio of export credits and international securities. The company is funded through bond debt issued in international capital markets.

The Transparency Act demands that companies covered by the law must identify and assess real and possible negative consequences on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions that the company either has caused or may have contributed to. This may be directly related to the company’s business activities or in the form of products or services through supplier chains or business partners.

Eksportfinans is certified as an eco-lighthouse company, and social responsibility is of great importance to the company. The mapping of Eksportfinans’ supplier chains and business partners has started, and during the fall of 2023 the company will initiate a deeper analysis of its own business. A full review of key suppliers on human rights and decent working conditions will also be conducted. The results of the analysis will be made available on the company’s homepage.



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