Eksportfinans has historically been one of Norway's largest and most innovative international issuers of bonds with a diverse and global investor base. The company funds itself through both public benchmarks and private placements. The funding consists in large part of private placements issued to individual investors and the company has historically been recognized as one of the most active issuers of structured notes in this market. On the public side, Eksportfinans has been issuing benchmarks in the Swiss Franc, Japanese, Sterling, Euro and US Dollar markets.

The company remained active in the international capital markets up until the announcement from the Norwegian government on November 18, 2011 to assume responsibility for the state-supported export financing scheme. Eksportfinans anticipates that new funding in the capital markets will be limited going forward, but continues to actively manage its considerable portfolio of outstanding debt issues.

Please refer to the latest annual and quarterly report for further information about the size and composition of the funding portfolio.