Eksportfinans ASA - not to be confused with the Government entity Eksfin (Export Finance Norway) - manages a solid portfolio of export related lending. The majority of Eksportfinans' borrowers are based within the OECD area. Norwegian borrowers represent a major part of the lending volume.

Since 2011 Eksportfinans has not granted new export credits. The company offers all necessary services to borrowers as part of the loan administration process for its current loan portfolio. Please refer to the latest annual and quarterly report for further information about the size and composition of the loan portfolio.

Up until 2011 Eksportfinans provided officially supported loans to the Norwegian export sector by virtue of a special arrangement with the Norwegian Government. A new Government-owned entity, Export Credit Norway was set up for this purpose on July 1, 2012. This entity merged with GIEK in 2021 into Export Finance Norway (Eksfin). Eksfin is now the provider of new export financing from Norway (see link to website in right column).

Around 63 percent of all loans provided by Eksportfinans are secured by guarantees from Eksfin (previously GIEK) and/or highly rated banks.



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    Org.no: 816 521 432


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