The transparency act

The Transparency Act aims to promote respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions, and to ensure public access to information about how businesses relate to this. Eksportfinans complies with the Act, which applies to larger companies domiciled in Norway that offer goods and services in or outside Norway.

Eksportfinans is committed to respect human rights as set out in international conventions and Norwegian law. Pursuant to Section 4 of the Transparency Act, Eksportfinans conducts due diligence assessments to uncover possible violations of fundamental human rights and decent working conditions that the company has either caused or may have contributed to. These violations may be directly linked to the company’s business activities, or through supply chains or business relationships.

For further information on how this responsibility is rooted in the business, please see appendix 5.7 in the company's sustainability guidelines to the right. 

Pursuant to Section 5 of the Transparency Act, Eksportfinans must publish a report that provides insight into completed due diligence assessments. The report contains more information about the company's work on the Transparency Act – please see the statement to the right.

Pursuant to Section 6 of the Transparency Act, anyone has the right, upon written request, to information about how Eksportfinans handles actual and possible negative consequences on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions.

Any questions can be directed to the company on

In the event of any reprehensible circumstance, employees and external stakeholders can report according to the instructions in chapter 5.2 of the company's sustainability guidelines (see Sustainability).



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