Annual general meeting for Eksportfinans ASA held on April 5, 2018

05/04/2018 - Stock exchange notice

Eksportfinans’ annual general meeting for 2018 took place today. The company’s annual report for 2017 is now available on the corporate web site.

All proposed issues at the meeting were resolved including, but not limited to, the approval of the annual financial report for 2017 along with the board’s proposal not to pay dividends for the fiscal year 2017. The annual general meeting also reelected the board of directors which is presented on the corporate web site.


Fakta om Eksportfinans ASA

Eksportfinans manages a solid portfolio of loans to the Norwegian export industry and foreign buyers of Norwegian capital goods. The company has not granted new loans since the government established a fully state owned entity responsible for new officially supported export loans in 2012. Eksportfinans’ loans are guaranteed by GIEK (The Norwegian Export Credit Guarantee Agency) and/or banks. The company also manages a substantial portfolio of international securities. The business is funded through bonds and commercial paper issued in the international capital markets. Eksportfinans was established in 1962 and is owned by banks operating in Norway and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries on behalf of the Norwegian government. Entering 2018 total assets amounted to approximately NOK 22 billion. The company is staffed by highly skilled individuals and is located in Dronning Mauds gate (Vika) in central Oslo.






    Tel: +47 22 01 22 01 816 521 432


    Dronning Mauds gate 15, access via Arbins gate
    0250 Oslo, Norway

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