The importance of knowledge intensive production


Open House is an annual event co-hosted by Eksportfinans and GIEK. This year's speakers included Alain Chaboud from the Federal Reserve Board (USA), Victor D. Norman from NHH, Elisabeth Holvik from Sparebank 1-Group and Robert Løseth from Rolls-Royce Marine. In addition, President and CEO of Eksportfinans, Gisèle Marchand and Managing Director of GIEK, Wenche Nistad gave speeches.

- The OECD countries should have placed more emphasis on knowledge intensive production. They have done something, but not enough and not fast enough, said Victor Norman. He pointed toward the reasons to the financial crisis which in Norman's point of view stems from a lack of adaptation to globalization by the OECD, saving surplus in China, Germany, Japan and the oil exporting countries and panic in the real estate market and financial markets.

To view some of the presentations, click on the links below:
Alain Chaboud: The global financial crisis, A view from inside the Fed.
Victor Norman: Who will survive the crisis – and who should?
Elisabeth Holvik: Economic outlook

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